Introducing WILCO

WilcoTM The Fuel Management System & Service


Wilco is the combination of an automatic tank gauge (ATG) for petroleum storage tanks plus an integrated software and service solution designed to give fuel management and leak detection compliance.  Wilco gives petroleum tank owners maximum flexibility and peace-of-mind, all at a highly cost-effective price.  Tank owners choose the best solution for their needs. 


The tank monitor equipment is based on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology.  That means high reliability and low power consumption.  Equipment can be purchased in a variety of configurations.  Choose the solution to suit your requirements at each site.


Choose the Equipment you need:


§          WilcoWireless uses Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit probe data from the tanks to the console inside.  By using RF, installation is easy!  No concrete to cut; no cable to pull.


§          WilcoWired is the same TDR probe connected to a wire.  In sites that already have conduit or where concrete can be easily cut, the WilcoWired probe is a very cost efficient alternative to Wireless.  The low power consumption allows for single-cable installation—only one cable for power and data to all probes. 


§          WilcoCTS console monitors tank gauges that you have already purchased.   The installation of WilcoCTS provides you with uniform fuel management and reporting across all sites.  The best news about WilcoCTS is that as the older probes fail, you can add Wilco probes as replacements—choose Wireless or Wired.


§          WilcoStick monitors tanks that do not need compliance.  The Wilco console is compatible with either the Wireless or Wired probes.  Sales are not collected with this model allowing for lower hardware prices.


Then choose the Services you want:


§          Compliance reports from Wilco are produced monthly using Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR).  SIR applies statistical models to tank inventory.  SIR is the only compliance method that analyzes all components of a tank system.  SIR offers the best monthly compliance on both tanks and lines and also finds above ground losses caused by meters and deliveries.  SIR compliance may be purchased without Wilco equipment.


§          Fuel Management from Wilco includes selecting the reports you need.  Sample reports are available on our web site,  Daily reports include exception processing, alarm notification, dispatching information, POS interface and inventory control.  Weekly and monthly reports are available for summary level reporting.  Subscribe to any of these reports.  Send reports to your workforce and customize subscriptions using the areas of responsibility defined within your company—divisions, regions or other levels of authority are easy to set up in Wilco.  Subscriptions may select e-mail, web, fax or pager as report delivery methods. 


§          Immediate Alarms are generated for a variety of conditions that are client-definable by site and tank. Immediate alarms are delivered in real-time via digital pager, e-mail, or fax.  

With the Wilco service in place, Simmons' compliance experts can monitor your sites 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, managing and responding to alarms and generating compliance and business management reports. There's virtually no interaction required, so your employees are free to concentrate on what's most important: making money. And since Wilco works in the background, you'll never have to stop selling fuel to run a test.

Here's what you get for one low monthly fee:

  • Around-the-clock compliance monitoring
  • Complete compliance reporting
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
  • Optional business management reports
  • Archival storage of all data and reports
  • Expert assistance

Wilco gives you all of the above for less than you ever thought possible. In fact, with Wilco a complete three-tank installation (three probes and one panel) costs significantly less than a single tank installation offered by our competition.

With more than two dozen service options and over a dozen reports to choose from, Wilco makes it easy to select the level of service that fits your needs. Just tell us which sites you want to include and we'll do the rest. And if you need additional reports or want to add a new site, just pick up the phone. Since everything's handled electronically, changes are a snap.

You can receive compliance reports via e-mail, web site, fax or paper. Our user-friendly website interface makes it easy to access current and historical data. It's like having your own dedicated site polling system without the expense. And, of course, Simmons' compliance analysis is third party approved and meets the EPA's 40 CFR Part 280, Subpart D.

With Wilco, Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) is a standard feature. And for just a few dollars more, you can also receive risk management services like sump monitoring and weekly compliance analysis. Other optional reports track your throughput, summarize deliveries and even predict when you'll run out of fuel. These business management features can help reduce deliveries and excess inventory, eliminate run-outs, and detect theft and short deliveries. The extra profits you capture could defray, or even cover, the cost of the service.

Available reports include:

  • Site Monthly Compliance Report
  • Site Compliance Management Report
  • Client Compliance Summary Report
  • Client Alert Tanks Summary Report
  • Client Three Month Alert Summary Report
  • Client Daily Exception Summary Report
  • Client Annual Tank Compliance Status Summary Report
  • State And Local Compliance Reports
  • Client Daily Alarm Summary Report
  • Monthly Alarm History Summary Report
  • Client Daily Exception Summary Report
  • Client Daily Inventory Transaction Summary Report
  • Client Product Run-out By Tank Report
  • Client Product Run-out By Location Report
  • Client Daily Delivery Report
  • Daily Location Summary Report